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février 21, 2019
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février 26, 2019

Dandelion Tea

For those of you with a garden, you can probably spot some dandelions from time to time.

They grow almost everywhere, but did you know you can eat them too?

Dandelions are edible, and dandelion salads and dandelion tea are both popular options. Tea made from dandelion leaves is very light and mild, with a slight floral taste.

However, there is another dandelion drink known as ‘dandelion coffee’.

To make this particular “tea”, the production process calls for the roasting of the dandelion’s roots.

Interestingly, this drink looks (and tastes) a little bit like coffee, and some people even use it as a coffee substitute.

Much of the supposed health benefits of dandelion tea is as yet unproven by research, but limited studies (and anecdotal accounts) suggest it may have digestive benefits

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