About us

Who are we?

Bein Tea is reliable and trustworthy Tea processor and distributor company with operations in Uganda. The company was established to allow the North America Tea consumer direct access to Natural Tea from the rural farmer of Uganda.

Global network

We are Packers and Distributors of tea. Our network consists of exclusive representations in North America, with an office in Canada. The supply of tea from Uganda to both private and public sectors in North America make our name well known and synonymous with success and reliability in the tea industry.

Understanding of tea

We have wide experience in Tea farming and the North America Tea market because our partners not only come from tea farming background, they live and practice international trade in Canada, so we know the consumer needs in the market. We know about good and bad Tea from both the producer and the consumer perspective. Our skills are useful when we are selecting what Tea to export. In addition, Product and market knowledge is our central and fundamental principle, deeply rooted in the founders and is the base of all our commercial activities. We share this knowledge with our valued customers and the tea industry.

Our focus

Our guiding philosophy is total concentration and absolute emphasis on Uganda Tea. There is a total commitment to Uganda Teas and no distraction with other activities, tea is our product, and is our passion, while Uganda is our source. We deliberately decided to exclusively deal in Uganda Teas to enable our clients the quality natural Tea. We make our shipments in a timely manner so that our customers get their products very fast.

Company Policy

Our business policy is that we purchase our Tea directly from farmers so we have no any requirement of intermediate, so we give our products to our customers overall at low cost with good quality. We follow the international norms so we are able to give our customer the quality products with easy.

Commitment & Ethics

Bein Tea is committed to the welfare of its staff. The company aims at the highest ethical and legal standards wherever we are present and will actively support small farmers on sustainability in Uganda. Our staff are committed to high ethical values. We take care of our entire business partners because we believe in making lifetime relationships with them.

Supply of Tea

With our experience in tea production and trading, we are one of the active companies in the industry whose founders know about tea farming, and international trade. Through our unrivalled position as dedicated tea packers, exporters, and distributor we can fulfill our clients’ requirements of Tea in either bulk or packed form. With our network, we are able to source and supply tea from Uganda and deliver anywhere in North America.

Regulatory requirements

Accreditation and traceability is an increasing requirement in the food supply chain and a large percentage of the tea we supply shall be certified. Pesticide levels and compliance have become crucial for brands around the world and we shall ensure to provide our customers with a safe cup of tea. We have extensive experience with

  • Organic teas
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • UTZ certified
  • Fairtrade

Our unique network in Uganda gives us the ability to source tea blend from the major and smaller origins. Blending tea can create a range and complexity of taste that cannot be found in straight line tea. Our expertise in this area will allow us to guide and explore ideas with our clients.

We are able to offer in the following packages:

Bulk Packing: is usually in multiwall aluminum lined paper sacks, which conform to Canada and USA Tea Trade specifications.

Tea blending: Bein Tea is packed in two categories; Loose packs (1Kg, 500g, 250g, 100g, 50g) and Tea bags (100bags, 50bags, 20bags) to cater for all our customers. With Bein tea, quality and consistency shall be guaranteed all the time.

We have zeroed on some important flavoured tea bag packages that include, Black Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Mint Tea, and Early Grey. This selection has been based on market demand, and a need to provide variety to the consumer.

We are pleased to provide stable prices for longer periods, ensuring the same tea quality, despite climatic, political and social changes that may affect the continuity of a regular supply.